Coating Services

Learn about our coating services.

Specialty Groups has evolved into many clients’ one-stop-shop. With our astoundingly diverse service offerings, we can internally handle essentially every facet of a project and see it through from start to finish. Learn more about what we can do for you below.


Shop Painting

SGI has (4) 20′ x 60′ paint bays in addition to (2) 20′ x 90′ blast bays. Our team can blast, prime, and paint your product. Quality is a standard we hold all projects to. You can trust with our paint crew that you are in good hands. You bring it; we paint it!

Field Sand Blasting & Coating Services

We will come to your site and install the most complex coatings imaginable. We can build containment around your structure,  set up dust collection, sandblast and paint, all while protecting the environment. We provide clean up and disposal of abrasives. One call does it all.

Bridge Coating & Repair

Specialty Groups was established in 1980 as an industrial coatings and painting company. By the mid-1990s SGI had painted well over 3,000 bridges, and performed two rehabilitation projects on the New River Gorge Bridge. We once completed a project for the Kentucky DOT where we painted over 100 bridges 10 months ahead of schedule. Got a rust problem? We can take care of that. SGI will complete the whole project from start to finish. From concrete repair, washing, and painting we will have your bridge looking good as new. Our crews have installed miles of new expansion joints in bridges, parking garages, and other structures. 

Natural Gas & Oil Industrial Coatings

We started in the natural gas industry by cleaning swabbing rigs for CNG & Dominion. Then we started painting gas wells in West Virginia in the early 80s, painting over 1,000 locations. Our next step was going into the natural gas production facilities where you can still find us today.

Manufacturing Facilities

We started doing major shut down projects in 1987 in a large glass plant in North Central West Virginia.

We completed the entire project in just a few weeks while they rebuilt the furnaces working over and above them and alongside them every day.

They were so impressed that they wrote us a fantastic reference letter, gave us more work, and became an advocate for our company for many years.

Since then, we worked at many large plants throughout West Virginia in the wood, chemical, and coal industries.